8am. You were supposed to be on the packed 8.05 train into the City…you aren’t on that train. Not for the first time this week and you thank your lucky stars you have an understanding manager!

07.55 The cute little Thomas the Tank Engine bowl you bought at Easter is hurling it’s was towards you….If it was just the bowl you could cope but this particular morning you were in the middle of feeding your little delight a bowl of mushy, milky Weetabix. You stop and wonder if it’s possible to remove the remnants from your hair using a baby wipe – they are multi purpose after all, right!? You can. You definitely can use the wipe on your hair. Then you can use it on your clothes, your child and he floor.

08.10 You leave the house. You are nearly ready to drop your angel off to Nursery and are ready to sprint the rest of the way to the station. And then you look down and realise his comforter and dummy seem to have been “misplaced”. By “misplaced” what I mean here is they were clearly lobbed out of the pushchair way back, you carried on oblivious and of course your darling made no indication of being upset by not having his favourite, in – need – of – a – wash Ted.

08.15 You are retracing your steps and spot the blue little lifesaver just down the road. Hoorah!

08.35 You made a train. Not your usual one or the one after that, but you are on one. Off you go….and there it is, the overwhelming guilt that the only time you spent with your baby this morning was filled with flying Weetabix and desperate baby wiping. You think you are a terrible Mother. A terrible full time, working, single, Mother.


Your little one is making a plane fly with his friends at Nursery “Neeeeeooohhh”. He hasn’t quite mastered the noise of a plane yet and is often confused between that and a Fire Truck. 10 for effort though. He is currently dressed as half Police Man, half Ballerina and he is loving life. He doesn’t think you are a terrible Mother. Not at all. Not even a little bit.