I’m a liberal professor and my conservative students terrify me.
Jason McCormick

I go to college and as a Conservative and a student this blog sickens me. Most of my teachers are liberal. I HOPE they are not scared of me. I am not trying to indoctrinate them or blacklist them. I do think that it would be better though if there were more balance in the different ideologies of college professors. The fact the my college mostly has liberal professors means we only hear liberal ideas. And I must say the professors are very vocal and often try to indoctrinate us. It would be nice to hear both points of view instead of hearing one-sided rhetoric. And if you try to say your opinion (and it disagrees with their ideology) often the liberal professor will shut you down. Conservative students, because we are the minority on campus, often feel shut out of discussions, discriminated against and picked on in our classes.

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