If you can, go all the way! If you are strong minded enough for it, be vegan, work out regularly, be super charitable, be completely unbiased against anyone, be in a good mood all the time and whatever else comes to mind.

But if you are not, don’t make that an excuse.

I have heard it so often. From others and in my own head:
“I really think doing that one thing is not a good way to go, but I really like it so I do it anyways”. And that is alright.
If someone is eating meat every day and it is favourite food then it is understandable that this person is having a hard time to be a vegetarian. If someone has never done anything charitable in his life it’s hard to expect from him/her that (s)he starts giving away a majority of his/her time and money all of a sudden. It can happen but it doesn’t very often.
But what does happen very often is that people who can’t go all the way, stop at the very beginning because the perceived goal is to far away.

One time I was in a store with a friend (I honestly don’t remember who it was) and we were buying some groceries. One thing I bought was a dark chocolate. It’s one of my favourites and it is also “fairtrade” with that typical sigil that a lot of those products have (see picture). My friend asked me why I was buying that chocolate and I said that I mainly really like it but that it being fairtrade is also a nice benefit.
His response to that was “well that sigil does not mean to much anyways. There is so much they are not doing.” and then he continued packing his big brand, no sigil chocolate.
So I asked back “But which chocolate do you think was produced under fairer circumstances. Yours or mine? I bet it’s mine.”
And he was genuinely surprised because that thought did not occure to him.

I his head the sigil not being perfect was a good enough excuse to dismiss any benefits that it might bring. Because it can’t get him all the way to a certain goal he won’t even go half way.

But there is always something between the black and white. There are the grey areas that we can embrace. They are not perfect, but good enough to get you to a better place and a stepping stone to the next level on the greyscale.

If you don’t go vegan. Go veggie. If you don’t want to do that either, buy good meat from a butcher twice a week. But don’t keep buying discouter meat every day.

If you feel like you have no time to do charitable work, donate a little bit of your monthly salary to a good cause. If you got no money try supporting things through social media or online petitions.

If you can’t spend money on fairly traded products, try to find out which companies are worth supporting and which are not. Maybe buy more local products rather than all the nestle and coca cola brands that are out there.

If you can manage to be a full blown, pure black or white in such matters, good for you. But if you are one of the many people for which it is not easy to go all the way at once, don’t take that as an excuse to stay where you are. Move your way slowly up the greyscale. Every step is one in the right direction.