We Like You Too :) by Adam Jang

Thanks for watching!

It has now been 5 weeks since I decided to embark on the journey of creating something every day (more or less) for one year. And so far everything has been documented on Instagram.

When I started my project it felt like I need some way to document the progress. It would help me keep an eye on what I achieved so far, remember what the things where that I enjoyed doing and (hopefully) motivate me to keep going.
I did not spend to much time contemplating about my way of documentation and quickly decided on Instagram.
Why not document and collect some likes on the way, right?

So I created an account and got started.

Immediately the public exposure started influencing my project in ways that did not consider before.

First of all, knowing that other people would see my creations and judge them increased my motivation to achieve the best result that I could possibly reach drastically.
When someone stumbles upon my creations, I want him/her to enjoy it, like it and ultimately think it is worth following my progress. This is the basic principle why social media works and I am not free from it.
Every time I am about to finish up a creation I think about an observer and if he/she would categorise it as “meh” or “oh nice, that is pretty cool”. And if it is not the latter then I try to put some more work into it and get it closer to perfect.

While this helps me create more refined things. It sometimes influences my project selection more than I might like.

One of the hardest things of the challenge is to find a nice thing to do every day. And the fact that I want to create something that will work in Instagram makes that decision even harder.
The timeline on Instagram becomes somewhat of a barrier for the projects on certain days. Maybe I feel like doing an origami one day but realise that I already did origamis on two of the last three days and don’t want that trend to continue. I want to keep the timeline diverse but at the same time not completely random. I want it to represent the idea of the challenge, which kind of makes it one big project spanning over the whole challenge.

While I try not to let all those things influence my decisions too much, I also can’t completely free myself from them.
It is not far fetched that it probably already stopped me from creating something that I maybe would have created if it would not end up on Instagram.

Instagram shifted the project from something that I wanted to do completely for myself to something influenced by the outside world.

But all in all, the positive effects that the public exposure puts on the challenge outweigh the negative ones. Having the pressure of people noticing if I don’t post anything is nice to keep me on track and sharing something with others almost always is just a good feeling by itself.

So, thanks for watching! :)