Outdoor Home Lighting Fixtures That Will Make Your Yard Pop

Outdoor Home Lighting Fixtures That Will Make Your Yard Pop!

Outdoor Home Lighting can enhance a home’s landscape and architecture while at the same time providing safety for the home. It provides safety for the home because it makes pathways navigable at night and also deters nefarious intruders. This article will consider a variety of different outdoor Home Lighting fixtures and features.

Outdoor Home Lighting Features

Outdoor Home Lighting fixtures are eco friendly and will help to reduce energy bills when you utilize the more efficient LED lights. The U.S. government has introduced an Energy Star Rated system that provides certification for many of these government rated lights. As a side note, outdoor lights without an Energy Star rating are basically the same price as lights with a rating. Most of the outdoor Home Lighting, wall lights, and floodlights will have motion sensors. Motion sensor lights are often used to deter intruders. Home outdoor solar powered lighting systems are also budget and eco-friendly. You will frequently find solar powered lights on post lights, flood lights, and landscape lights.

Lighting Types — Wall

Wall sconces and lanterns are perfect for enhancing a home’s landscaping and curb appeal by utilizing a source of indirect downlighting and up-lighting. A great option is to use a pair of dimmable LED powered wall sconces above an outdoor seating area, exterior windows, patio doors or on each side of the garage door. You may also want to have a single wall lantern above your street address so that it is illuminated at night.

Lighting Types — Landscape

A landscape lighting system will showcase trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers. Small well lights and spotlights are very common in landscape lighting as they do not compete with the beauty of a plant but rather enhance it. A landscape light can also be used when you want to highlight an architectural feature such as a column.

Lighting Types — Outdoor Hanging

Hanging, or pendant lanterns, are typically used to enhance curb appeal, a porch, or to illuminate the front door. A pendant light can add a unique design element as well as provide task lighting. You can purchase these types of lights in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. They will introduce a dose of charm to any front entry or outdoor living space.

Lighting Types — Post Lanterns

Post lanterns will make a dramatic statement when placed on a post that is at the end of the driveway or close to the street. You will also find post lanterns around patios, backyards used for entertaining, and swimming pool areas.

Lighting Types — Outdoor Ceiling

And outdoor ceiling light is commonly called an outdoor flush mount fixture. They are usually seen on a porch, patio, or an entranceway. They are very practical when hung over a patio dining table, a door, or when used in the form of pendant. They are perfect for a low ceiling and provide a dramatic flush mount look.

Lighting Types — Deck & Step

Step or deck lights will illuminate sidewalks, pool edges, driveways, and walkways. These type a light are installed low to the ground. They provide both security and safety. It is best to select a deck or step lights that is covered on the top. When covered on the top the light will evenly spread on the ground as opposed to creating a glare.

Lighting Types — Flood

A floodlight will provide maximum security and safety. A floodlight can cast a wide beam of light across an area which will allow for a well-lit nighttime outdoor fun activity. A floodlight also is great for discouraging intruders. It is best to place a floodlight approximately 9 feet high so that they are not easily accessed. When you mount a floodlight up high it will also provide a wider field of light.

Lighting Types — Torches

Torches are a great lighting option for festive and party occasions. You can use a flameless LED torch light as a family friendly, safe option or you can choose an open flame torch light for a romantic ambience.

Lighting Types — Cove

Cove lighting is normally used to highlight a fountain, swimming pool, outdoor architectural feature, outdoor living area, outdoor walkway, or a sign. They are lighting strips that are usually hidden and will contain extremely long-lasting LED bulbs. With a little bit of imagination, the uses for all types of outdoor home lighting fixtures is endless.

If you are looking for a professional to help you improve the presence of your residential property, then seek assistance from an expert outdoor Home Lighting company.