Virtual Blockchain game Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a virtual simulation blockchain game. This game will consist of 26 continents. Each of these continents is deployed on a different public network. At the moment, two continents have been created, they have been deployed on Ethereum (the continent of Atlantis) and Tron (Byzantium). The players themselves will set the management parameters, such as — the trade tax rate.

Technical Features

Thanks to Evolution Land’s open interfaces, SDK and network contracts, any developer can easily create their own application on Evolution Land.


The system token in this game is the RING. This token serves as a pricing unit and it is also the most liquid currency in the game. People playing the game can purchase a RING at Gringotts Bank.

The RING is a token that was created by the developers of the Darwinia project, since this game was also created by these people. In this game, the RING is used as the main currency, for example, to pay for services, purchase various goods. On different continents, the RING token has the same value.

There is also a KTON token in the game. This is a management token. Players have the opportunity to sign a contract with KTON for 14 days to get the right to vote. The right to vote gives the player the opportunity to vote for the future of this project. Players who have signed a contract can count on dividends of up to 30% of revenue.

Gringotts Bank

Gringotts Bank is an in-game banking system. Here users can buy, sell, exchange their tokens.

There are also external exchanges. Users can trade their tokens on external leasing or centralized exchanges or with a liquidity provider.


The most important asset in Evolution Land is land. About two thousand lands are present on each continent. There are various resources on these lands. Players can install apostles for drilling and get rewarded for it in the form of resources. Players can buy land on the market through an auction. The size of each land is 100 x 100 meters. The player can build buildings on this territory. There are 5 types of resources that can be extracted on the lands, these are — GOLD, WOOD, HHO, FIRE, SIOO.


The Apostle is the bearer of the player’s creation. Users can buy them at the Apostles Market. The apostles perform the function of production and battle. A player can have several apostles.


The game also has auxiliary equipment. It serves to assist in performing various tasks. The equipment can be similar to a drill that helps to increase the productivity of resource extraction, or buildings that you can build on your plot of land. The performance of resources depends on the quality and quantity of equipment. The equipment can be minted by NFT through the furnace. The furnace is a system for mining NFT tokens — an irreplaceable asset with low liquidity.


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