Hacking Weight Loss: Part 10/10

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Let us start our final part with a summary of what was covered so far

Part 1: Point A and Point B. Where you are and Where you want to go.

Part 2: Nutrition. What to eat for an effective weight loss. I prefer plant based food but it is easier to stay course with lean meat to start with.

Part 3: Exercise / Movement. How much movement is needed?

Part 4: Behaviors. A sneak-Peak

Part 5: Embrace system and chuck goals.

Part 6: Water, the elixir of weight loss

Part 7: Moderation is key

Part 8: Vegetarianism and Weight Loss

Part 9: Perception shift

The above are the carefully chosen timeless hacks that has worked for me. The rational behind the 10 part series is that if you are serious about weight loss, you get to tap years of wisdom in less than an hour. Wish i had a series like this when i struggled with my weight post pregnancy in 2004. Reading lots, trying a lot of diets and accumulating more information, insights and perspectives has wasted more time than actually helping me achieve goals effectively and efficiently. Even after 350+ books in the fitness industry around weight loss and 1000+ gyms around, we are still staring at the increasing obesity epidemic day after day.

We are fighting between things that do not need advertisement vs things that needs advertisement (supplements, surgeries, foods, methods, diets etc). Eat less, move more is known to all of us ingeniously but yet we fail in keeping a check on our waistlines including me. I don’t blame us. As boiling frogs, we feel sick is the new normal. We are surrounded by things that do not enhance our well being but is always in front of eyes that registers more in the brain.

To raise above marketing and to hold clarity and awareness towards what is good for us, needs greater perception and less distraction. The first principles has not changed in all these years. The methods are many. We keep getting looped between a method and the underlying principle, not knowing what is important and what is not. It sounds really simple. Isn’t simplicity the most complicated ?

Weight loss is a skill. like any skill it needs mastery and wisdom. The shift in perception towards weight loss has opened me up deeply from inside out. It is the not the weight we lose, it is the richness of the life we gain. I am thankful that my body went through so much and yet keeps working towards self healing and that is happening with all our bodies. when there is so much love and compassion built into the system by nature, where did guilt, loathe, hatred and depression come from? If we don’t protect the tools given by the creator (our bodies and our minds) who else will ? Why are we making a living hell for ourselves by abusing our tools for someone else’s sickness ? Yes, Anger is a sickness. Judgement is a sickness. Obsession is a sickness.Sharp tongue is a sickness. Inferiority is a sickness. We can come out of all these sicknesses through love for what we already have, compassion for the systems given to us, appreciation on how the creation works irrespective of what we do or not. Let us take care of ourselves and the world will take care of itself.

There is no one to depress you, make you feel miserable, give a beating to your self-esteem and confidence. Imagine how sick they must be to show all their sickness to you. You can only have compassion for them. Like the flight instructions, you can put an oxygen mask for them first and then make sure you put the mask for yourself too. Enough tools, hacks, strategies, shifts are discussed. It is time to take care of yourself and everyone around you.

A scale cannot determine who you are but it surely can indicate how are you doing inside. A mirror cannot determine who you are but it surely speaks to your senses(sight). An app cannot determine who you are but can be a tool that helps you have a view of what has gone inside the body everyday. Use the tools with gratitude, for they reduce your cognitive load. They do feed your intelligence with patterns and data so that you can connect the dots backwards and see how much you have come along. What is history for ! Write a fabulous one for yourself.

Stay healthy and take the first step towards your greater health. There are fellow travellers like me. Let us walk this path with endurance and mindfulness. I will share how am i doing every week and let us keep going. This is a personal journey and i don’t expect you to speak out everything but if you need help, i am just a ping away. I don’t have all the answers but i have great intention and compassion to find them for you. good luck.

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