Hacking Weight Loss: Part 9/10

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Shift your perception and results are inevitable.

“Eat Less. Move More” If this prescription works then why are folks not losing weight? What comes in the way of losing weight? Rather why do some folks succeed in losing weight? What are the common characteristics of folks who lose weight? Here is my take on why weight loss is not so easy for everyone and if this is conquered, it is easy for everyone.

If you connect dots from different perspectives, the picture in front of us looks way too different than the obvious. For a second, Look deeply into mastery. Those musicians who play with the strings and create a magical experience. Look at those chefs, who can mix and toss a few ingredients to create a chemical alchemy. Look at the designers, who can convert an empty canvas into something much more meaningful and beautiful. This holds true for everyone in the path of mastery. If we dive deep into mastery, 10000 hours shine. The number of hours spent in perfecting the art matters.

Why are some able to run marathon and why most of us are not running it? Evolution has proved time and again that human beings reign the animal kingdom when it comes to endurance. Speed is not our thing, endurance is.But yet only a few of us harness it.

When mastery of any skill is possible then why do we give up ? My million dollar answer is TIME. The consistent effort over a period of time to master a skill puts us off. What evolution worked hard on us for over 2 million years, we are not using the priceless gift of human kind: endurance.Weight loss is also a skill and that needs mastery. Doing the right things, the right way.

It is human to keep looking for things that we are not great at. Speed is one of them.If Weight loss is something that can be achieved overnight or in a weeks time, by now every one of us will be lean. We keep striving for speed and fail continuously. Hope we learnt the lesson by now. When you conquer time, you conquer success too.

I don’t have a list of mindset shifts to jot down. From an efficiency point of view, if you endure time weight loss will happen.

The only ask i have is, if you can just shift your perception about weight-loss and knowing what will fail you, it is easy to conquer. All the hacks in this series comes after conquering time.

If you like a finish line, mark the line at the end of 100 days or 300 days and you know you are one step closer to reaching the goal. Race with time. That is all you need to do and everything else will take care of itself like clock work. The only way you can fail weight loss is not understanding time and the time taken to finish line. Remember you are built for endurance.

While 300 days is time, every day is also time. The 24 hours in a day is also time. I have never faced a better competitor than time. The world’s wisest men considered TIME as LIFE. Time is not money. Time is not profits. Time is Life. Remember, life is ticking away and not just time.

You life is made of two dates and a dash in between. Make the most of the dash and so is weight loss. Every ticking away time counts.

So you know what is the problem statement that must be well understood so that your solution comes at ease. Yes, the problem statement is TIME.

The minute we know the problem deeply, the solution is just seconds away. In my quest of understanding the success characteristics of weight loss, my aha moment is TIME. It was not willpower, it was not motivation, it was not community, it was not access to help, it was not having a coach and it was not even good food or rest or movement. It is the awareness of time.

Now that we know the culprit, let us take control over. This is what we(homosapiens) are good at.

Perception around Super Gadget

If you look closely in to nature, it is a mega system that contains a number of micro systems and each individual system can work on its own and yet stay in the ecosystem and add a larger value. Look at the solar system. Look at human body. Look at our food chain. Look at how women’s cycles are connected with the moon cycles. It is amazing when we understand the systems at 3ft and the larger systems at 3000000 ft.

Coming down to 0.3ft, take a look at human body as a system. It is made of 5 elements of the nature (fire, water, space, earth and air). Most of our body composition is water and the second most is earth. What we feed as earth is what makes us grow bigger (from a baby to adult). It is also the element that helps us grow in X axis (waistline)as well. It is miraculous to notice, when we eat a piece of food and it immediately becomes our body. The water we drink, the food we consume, the way we use our body it is a system and the system has its own error handling and exception handling mechanisms as well. This is how we manage abuses to the body as well. By now, if our systems are weak, for the level of poisoning we do to the system, it must halt. Fortunately or unfortunately, the self healing mechanism keeps the system going tirelessly. Again time is tied to how long the system keeps going. If we manage the efficiency of the system well, it works longer and better.

If you can slice out 100–300 days of your lifetime, the system overhaul can be done effectively. Naturally weight drops and all readings will show the system efficiency is better. Having a perception of the system, enhances our awareness about the body and an awe for the creator in the form of gratitude also creeps in slowly. Keep these handy as they will help us manage time better everyday.

Managing Time

In a day, 1/3rd is allocated for rest and a good one. When you are on weight loss journey, you will notice that 8 hours of rest is needed for your system maintenance to happen effectively. Thank god, we are not managing everything about the system voluntarily. The involuntary tireless work needs good maintenance. Sleep is that maintenance time that we give to body.

Now we have only 16 hours in a day to handle. Let us put our dopamine to use to handle these hours everyday. Breakdown 16 hours of the day into 16 slices and having a routine for every hour makes it easier to have awareness of time. you can plan your day, your way keeping the first principles in mind but here is what i do as time management strategies.

Day timeline
  1. I have marked my food intake time on the time scale for the day as teal. I have designated boxes for the different time including my 10 almonds for the day.
  2. Every hour i ensure i drink about 300–400 ml of water.
  3. Every 120 mins (marked as amber), i have a 5–7 min routine to move with just body weight exercises. If it is odd to take our 5 mins in your workplace, walk up and down stairs and get back to work.If i miss it for an hour, i do 10 mins in the next opportunity. This way i don’t miss it.
Rational: Just having 30-45 mins of exercise everyday will make you into an active couch-potato so make the most of time and enhance your metabolism through movement.

4. I conduct my professional work in pomodoris so i have an active track of work done without distraction.

5. When i start the day, i write down what all i want to do, though it is a repeat everyday. 12–16 glasses of water, 4–5 meals, movement routines etc.Dopamine gets kicked when we write it down.At the end of day, i write what happened actually. If my plan and actuals meet everyday, i am on track. I start with weighing myself. I put my expectation in plan and i write down actual. Slowly my expectation gets real.

6. I take a few minutes and write my gratitude journal for the day, thanking my body for taking care so well inspite of all the poisons and bad habits in the past.

When every hour gets managed and start and end of the day get managed, the progress is inevitable. In all this, i don’t manage results and never will.I do review the results every week, month, quarter and ensure the data is not throwing some anomalies.

Run your life in auto-pilot (routines and habits), that is the only way to use your mind in most useful things.

If you don’t manage time, your mind will start playing games. All the perception shift is to give the awareness of why this is important. Now if you have a good support system it is a bonus, if you have a great community it is a double bonus, if you have sometime to cook for you, nothing more can be asked. But, the weight loss project is not run dependent upon any other factor. It is you, you and only you. Everything else can be a bonus or a distraction.

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