Weight Loss Progress: Milestone 1

I typically see folks sharing all the principles, hacks, tips and tricks after achieving certain milestones of wellness like weight loss. Trying to do it the other way based on the first principles conviction. May fail. May even topple. Hey but what if it works like charm. So far it is working and I guess it will work forever and for everyone as there are no cheats and shortcuts in the approach. If you notice no first principles have shortcuts.

Having said that, metrics is important for tracking progress. Scale is not the only way to determine health but it is one of the tangible ways to do it. Another one is your blood work. It shows how things are getting better or worse inside. Blood work is tangible but not visible. That is the reason it is not in our awareness at all times. In those lines I love the scale as it is on the face everyday. Beware, It can pull us down too. If we have the right perception, scale can be used in the right way.

Kicked about the progress in reversing obesity (for someone who is not following all posts, i started an experiment to reverse lifestyle disorders with first principles and stay above all the marketing and short cuts available in the planet. To do so, i added mass, for about 7 months just to empathize how it is to be really obese and now trying to bring it back to healthy ranges).

I set three milestones in the journey. I need to drop around 60 pounds to hit an ideal BMI. I split it up in to three milestones. Reached one milestone in 4 months by just real food and a little bit of exercise. No pills, no protein powders, no detox and nothing unusal etc. Actually it is boring with just clean food and good exercise for 30–45 mins.

All journeys have hiccups and i had one too. A strong virus disturbed the focus a bit for about 22 days. So in reality what could have been achieved in 90 days dragged to 120 days to lose about 22 pounds. The day by day progress is here. I started tracking in an app (Weight Track by ZenLabs) only in Jan so the data in Dec is missing here.

Food is magical and medicinal to a large extent. I tried the popular high protein and low carb paleo style diet with about 150 GMs of protein everyday for 2 months in a row. I got the best chicken and eggs available in the market. It works like a charm but my body resisted meat big time. It screwed up my metabolism. My productivity dropped big time and I just felt uncomfortable at all times (may be i am way too sensitive high levels of digestion). All food is food. All organisms give up their life to keep up ours. So i am not an activist or someone who fights tooth and nail for a few living organism and forget about the rest. It is all about what keeps you comfortable and flexible. I paid enough attention to my body and was mindful to notice all subtle changes. So recently shifted to a nutritarian diet (more veggies and fruits and less grains) and it works better for me. You need to check out what works for you. The principle is less refined carbs or any empty calories.

If I go by the plan, the next milestone of 22 pounds can be achieved in 5 months. The next milestone related work starts tomorrow (13th March) and this time I am planning to add 30 mins of run in the morning as a habit to train for 21k in August, eating clean and weights in the evening for 30 mins for 6 days a week. I don’t believe in routines (missing a few days in between eg: every mon and thursday in a week is a routine). Habits work better for me(every single day).

So yeah, when the principles are in place, the results are impeccable. Stay tuned and let us keep an eye on progress. If I can reverse obesity anyone can ! Let us make a healthier planet going forward.

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