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Apache Maven is a build automation tool, extensively used in Java projects. It is also known for its Dependency Management feature. Other build and dependency management tools like Apache Gradle and Apache Ivy uses the key concepts behind Maven.

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Install Maven

  • Make sure you have Java installed in your machine and JAVA_HOME env variable is set
  • Go to this URL and Download Maven (
  • Extract the zip file using this command unzip
  • Add the bin directory of the created directory apache-maven-3.6.3 to the PATH environment variable
  • Confirm the installation by entering mvn -v in a new tab

If you’re…

TC39 is a committee that gives out specifications and standardizations for Javascript. Almost every year they roll out new changes to the ECMAScript, which was

suggested by its members in the form of proposals. The recent ECMAScript specification is ES2020 and we’ll look into some important changes.

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1. BigInt

If you remember the Gangnam Style youtube counter incident you’re awesome. If not you can check it out here. It basically forced youtube to upgrade its counter from 32-bit integer to 64-bit because, at the time of developing it, nobody imagined that a video could be watched over…

Every single person who worked on Java would have created an Object at some point. Well, what is an Object?

Its nothing but a real-life entity expressed programmatically. So, while creating an object, you might have created the getters and setters for every single variable in your class object.

Here, we have a simple class that represents a Car.

class Car {
private String carName;
private int carPrice;
private String colour;

If you’re using an IDE like Eclipse or IntelliJ, you might have noticed that they provide an option to generate the getters and setters for your class variables…


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