100 Days at Zarget

Today marks my 100th day @ ZargetHQ- A Chennai based startup which makes the CRO (Conversion rate optimization) tool for Websites, located near the famous Elliot’s beach.

Background before joining the Startup

A month has already passed since the completion of my Engineering Exams and the talks were only about ‘What’s Next’? Most of my friends joined some company right after their grads, few CAT aspirants, few decided to take up business plans, some got through IIT’s and the rest decided to do MS abroad. While in college, I did freelancing in web designing to earn some extra pocket money. The Web Development Space really fascinated me since then. I was keenly looking for a platform to explore and learn more in this domain.I had several offers from top MNC’s with good pay which i was able to easily bag during my Campus placements.

“All which comes easy, doesn’t seems exciting right?”

I promptly declined all the offers and decided to join a startup as a fresher. I always wanted to learn new things and get my hands dirty rather than being a part of a big monotonous process as in large corporates. This in fact made me to convince my parents, who were at first skeptical about my decision.

For more than an year, I’ve been following a lot of startups in Chennai and watching how they’ve been performing over a period. One of the startup that caught my attention was Zarget.

For Zarget, It was just 1 year since inception and it had already bagged $1.5Mn in funding and earned a good number of paying customers. The 3 Co-Founders were Ex-Zohoites with over 10+ years of experience in Product Development, Management, Sales and Marketing. Their Startup story on medium inspired me to be a part of their journey. With many emails & follow-ups, Finally I was invited for an interview at Zarget office in Adyar.

After few initial tests, I had 3 rounds of F2F interview with the CTO, CPO and the Technical Architect of the company. Being honest on my passion, skills and my thirst for learning. I managed to receive an offer from them. :D

A day that gave me an interesting & exciting journey to take. :)

Life @ Zarget

I joined Zarget on July 11, 2016 as an Engineer Trainee under the Engineering Team of 10, while the total Employee strength of the company was just 30.

Yes. I’m the Employee #30 @ Zarget :D Sounds Cool, yeah? ;-)

At the time of writing this post, we hit to 40+ in number and we are still growing.

The Entire office is always filled with Energy & Enthusiasm. You never feel bored at any point of time. The coolest part is the open culture and transparency between the senior management and the other employees. My Mentor and I are more like friends than a typical senior — junior relationship. First 2 days were spent installing the dependencies and environment for setting up the product and fiddling around my new Macbook Pro which the company gave me.

First Day @ Zarget. One of the technical architect -Saravanan handing over Shiny New Macbook pro.

On the 3rd day I was assigned to fix a tiny bug( which was alien to me back then :P ) in the product. With much Struggle, I managed to fix it in 2 days and gave my first PR(pull request) before I leave for the weekend. That happiness you get after your First PR gets accepted is priceless. My Mentor appreciated my work. Encouragement and appreciation is what motivates a person to work happily in a Workspace. I felt the satisfaction-not because i was able to solve a minor bug, but in the process i was able to learn a lot of things. I’ve always been motivated here at tough situations.

My Mentor always tells me:

If you feel the problem is too complex to solve? Relax. Take a break. Come back and work on it again.Things will look simpler. But Remember to work on your own, independently. & welcome the struggles. What matters the most, is the lessons you learn @ the end of the day.

Each and every task I got since then, widened & enriched my knowledge on the domain. I initially started off with the JS and ended up working with the entire stack. The Stack we use includes Ember JS, Java, Elastic Search, Mysql & Redis. One has to take care of both front end & back end here. My productivity started to improve day by day. I felt the company more like mine. My Opinions were heard and considered by my Seniors. Each Sales of our product brought much happiness into me. I also spend my time observing people from the Sales, Marketing, Design & Support team. Because, There is much to learn from each one of them here. Within 3 months at Zarget, I had the privilege to know the in’s and out’s of the company. I was able to follow closely, the business strategy being followed by the company and learn from the Co-founders. Whenever there is an issue solved in the product, The Manager makes sure everyone in the team knows what went wrong in the product and how they solved it.

We had Zackathon (an Internal Hackathon of Zarget) where we were given with various interesting topics to explore on and develop a working POC in 24 hours. It started on Friday Evening at 5PM and ended by 5, the other day. These kind of activities brings out creativeness and innovations. Thanks to Saravanan and Bharathikannan Ravikumar who took leads and hosted this event.

Teams @ Work
Teams preparing to pitch their makes.

Work-Life balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - Zarget got it well. ;)

  1. Flexi timings. So, No 9–6 deal here. ;)

2. Forget your Formal wears.We strictly hate it.

3. Playing cricket inside office, Football tournaments, Shuttle matches are daily routines. Because,

“Having fun, is part of our code.”

4. If you feel Stressed, You can take a walk to the beach and spend some time out.

5. Round the Clock free snacks to keep with your food cravings.

6. Great lunch and Dinner at office and for free.

7. You get to celebrate Birthday parties and that too with the CxO’s & your colleagues.

My bday Celebration @ Zarget
Onam celebration @ Zarget

Last week, We were on our first Company trip to an Uber Cool Beach Resort. The fun we had was equal to what I would have had with my friends. Here,The People are so close and friendly. Life couldn’t get much better. Right?

The Amazing Zartans @ trip

Looking forward to work on more challenging tasks & learn much from Zarget.

Thanks for reading till the end. To know more about the product, check out www.zarget.com

PS: Looking for a challenging opportunity? Drop an email to becrazy@zarget.com. :)