Get Exposure to become Successful and Happy

Half boiled article this is, if you care.

I’m 31 and I’m confident that I can able to read between the lines, at least in my area of expertise and somewhat spiritually in life.

I’m convinced on 2 things:
1. World is not equal and it’s for good.
2. Anyone can change their life without the finance backup or luck.

Everyone of us are skilled at something. You maybe good at parenting, I maybe good at marketing, she maybe good at gardening and he maybe good at something else.

Fact is there is always scope for you to sell your skill and you do not have to be complaining always.

But why is that many of us are unable to live life peacefully? Exposure.

Exposure. Exposure. or Lack of Exposure.

Talking from Indian business scenario, two startup businesses rocking Indian market currently is Flipkart and Ola.

What have they done uniquely? Localizing the globally existing successful concepts i.e., Amazon and Uber, respectively.

Can only these founders do it? are others not potential enough? Do we lack talents? No. Lack of Exposure.

Those founders who are replicating successful businesses are mostly the ones who has an exposure to the developed countries like USA and China.

That was talking of grandeur scale.

Now talking about individual level, let’s talk about one particular scenario for easy understanding- there are a lot of people with some great knowledge on their respective fields.

What are they using their knowledge for? They just small talk their knowledge with their close circle and help among themselves. What can they further do without learning anything else? Writing a Book.

Oh, don’t they need to learn writing skills to write a book? Not really, there are writing services available, they can just talk and record their thoughts. There are many services to write, publish and promote.

I know I’m not a great writer and you maybe commenting about my language. I don’t mind, because I know that I’m among very few people who has an online exposure and writing skills. Yes, couple million writers among 8 billion is few. So I don’t worry about mistakes in my writing.

I’m ending the story now and it may look incomplete. Don’t worry, just go read more stuff online, see different places and get exposure to various things and see how can you sell your skill succesfully.

The End.