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Who won the Gujarat elections today?

BJP or Congress or the three young lads?

Dec 18, 2017 · 3 min read

Based on number of seats it is BJP; there is no two questions about it. Otherwise whose victory is it? Did Congress win, because they won 77 seats in comparison to 61 seats in 2012? Or did those three young lads who came into the fray, should the victory be assigned to them for they have been a catalyst to move the votes?

None! It is not the three lads not the congress and not the BJP.

The right question to ask is who is the losers and not the winners.

The actual losers are the people of Gujarat.

The congress did not win, the numbers speaks! The BJP did not win either because the number to their favour came from the mistakes of Congress. Nor the three lads, they did not win, because the reasons they gave and the solution they conjured is nonsense except it was a con. No wonder the cons partnered with Congress.

Why did the people of Gujarat is the losers?

They lost, as they lost mind to the caste sentiment and drama of anger and hatred — I am sure they are the younger corps who just become eligible to be voters. And the older generation who did not vote, also lost for just imagine what would be your fate if congress had won just because of your absence? What could have happened? And those who put NOTA, I presume, they too, were the young / first time voters who did not go towards caste, nor happy with Congress but they have been taken for a stride against BJP.

For sure, in 2022, when Gujarat goes for the next election, unless the BJP is going to deliver without resting any while, they are not going to win. They had a tough time today.

Rahul Gandhi may not be the same Rahul Gandhi to make the same mistakes again, as it will be too much of an arrogance to think he will be still the same his mistakes (but he keeps doing new mistakes although, consistently).

Well BJP can ignore the three lads and write them off for they won’t be together. Five years is enough time for differences grow between them and find separate ways. However, for 2019, the assembly elections, is just 18 months away, they may not be separate.

Unless, the BJP start working right from now for 2019 assembly elections, it will be too hard. Vikas or the Development will not work for the development done for poor is not a development done for the middle class. The development for middle class is nothing for rich. The poor has been elevated to middle class, and if they are not developed, they will be the new poor. A focus should be there for every section.

“Sabke saath, sabka vikas” is not a motto in its appropriate sense anymore. I don’t want to be dragged down to average, albeit the average may be increasing. I want to grow at my own pace which is more than the average, to me that is what the vikas. So, what will be towards that, is the question BJP should be asking.

Acronyms worked for 2014, may not for 2019; and stop doing acronyms, it has become a cliché! I saw the recent one “SAGAR- Security and Growth for All in the Region” while flagging off the INS Kalvari.

All the best for Karnataka!


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