Dreaming Big & Realising Ones’ True Potential

While growing up I have heard this term ‘Dream Big’ several times from several people. Almost every great mind kept reiterating that one must dream big. One of the most striking quotes in the recent memory is of Dr. Kalam when he said ‘Dream, Dream Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts And thoughts result in action’. Like most of us even I was fascinated by these great leaders & their thoughts. However to be very honest with you, I never understood the true meaning of Dreaming Big.

I have always wondered how does this translate to my life? Where & what do I dream about? Is my current dream big enough? What is stopping me from dreaming big? After several years of thought, contemplation & self-questioning, I finally seemed to have found the answers to all these questions.

The realisation happened after a very long discussion with Kobster’s founding team & advisors about how do we expand to scale up big and fast. While each of us had certain plans which were backed with data, practicality, past experiences, etc; somewhere during the course of the meeting the realisation hit me that none of these plans or ideas were aspirational or big enough. They were logical plans which probably anyone in that situation would have thought of. That’s when someone just cracked a joke and presented a very stupid idea (that’s what we thought of it then); it was dismissed and laughed off by all of us. But deep down we all wished that wouldn’t it be great if we could actually pull it off? None of us backed it up then because we simply did not know how to pull it off. But what kept all of us interested was the fact that the result would simply be fascinating.

On drive back home all I could think was about that one stupid idea & how amazing it would be to actually pull it off. Sometime during that night my sub-consious mind kicked-in and started to give me strange ideas of how we could make it happen, I thought of ways to achieve that stupid idea, debating with myself about what will work and what won’t. When I woke up in the morning after that sleepless night, that stupid idea somewhat started to make sense to me.

The real surprise was when the group met again the next evening & to my astonishment everyone else too had gone through similar thought process & now that Stupid Idea had become our Big Dream, with each one of us having different ways of how to make it happen.

That led me to realise the whole concept of Dreaming Big. Every decision of ours are mostly based on data, numbers, experiences, opinions, etc; but if we could mix all that with lot of aspiration & arrive at a stupid idea, which we don’t know how to achieve or how to go about, You have that Big Dream in your hands.

After that you have to trust your sub-consious mind, your instincts & that part of your mind which loves to innovate & trust me you will have a roadmap and the Stupid Idea would start to look like a Big Dream.

It started to make more sense to me when I observed several examples. To take one from Cricket; few years ago if you had told someone that teams could score 200 odd runs in 20 overs, people would have laughed it off. Or that one can reverse sweep a fast bowler you would have been told that you had lost your mind. But today all of this looks possible because someone had this stupid idea & somehow they managed to find a way to do it. What if they never dreamed of such a thing? They would have probably never realised their true potential. Some of the great teams & players of 80s, 90s and 00s never scored 200 runs in 20 overs neither did they reverse sweep a fast bowler. Why? It would be insane to say that they did not have the ability or potential! It is probably because they never had that dream with them hence they never gave themselves a chance of doing something as audacious as that.

Which brings me to the question, have we really understood our true potential? Probably not because we never had that dream which made us realise our true potential.

When you ask a child what you want to become after growing up, they blindly say Astronaut, Doctor, Pilot, Police Force, etc; they hardly know how to go about it. I think while setting goals or dreams we all should act like a child & set a goal which we have not idea of how to achieve & let our mind find a way to it. And trust me more often than not, you will find a way and you will end up realising your true potential.

So what’s your Stupid Idea (Read Big Dream) ?

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