The Wings of Independence

Every year come August 15th, there is a sudden surge in the levels of Patriosim for most Indians. And why not, it is this very day of 1947 that the Indian flag was hoisted above all other flags in our homeland after decades of sacrifices, deliberation & perseverance. The stories of the Indian Freedeom Struggle against the British Raj that all of us have heard while growing up is the root cause behind the feeling of patriotism & pride.

This day always reminds me of three words; Independence, Freedom & Liberty. As much as these words mean the same thing, the difference between them is quite interesting. Independence is the state of being independent from an external rule, the act of self-governing & self-decision making. Freedom gives you the RIGHT & POWER to think, speak or act as you want. Liberty is the Freedom given to an individual by the rule & law of the land.

Generations of Indians fought for the Independence of India so that the generations to come could enjoy true Freedom & ensure Liberty. In my view Freedom & Liberty are nothing but the true Wings of Independence!

Since 1947 the Indian Armed forces have successfully protected our borders & we have stayed Independent for 69 long years; that is 25,185 days & 6,04,440 hours! Lakhs of soldiers have sustained sacrifices, loss of life & trauma to ensure Indians continue to enjoy the Wings of Independence.

The question which I want to raise today is do we realise the POWER & IMPORTANCE of these wings? And are we making the most of it? What have we done with them? The Indians prior to 1947 lived their life without these wings & probably they either fought for these wings or blamed their pathetic lives for the lack of them.

What are we going to blame? The society? The government? The system? The most sad thing about being in a Free country is to feel helpless.

Its time for all of us to realise the importance & power of these wings. With all the struggle that has gone into ensuring that we have these wings, the least we could do is to make the most of them & not feel helpless.

When I see people around me still struggling to overcome the oppressive restrictions imposed upon them by certain elements in the society or the burden of our culture or simply the pressure of living a competitive life, it breaks my heart. I feel we are letting down the efforts of all those people to whom we owe our Freedom.

Its time for us to break away from all social, political & cultural shackles & fly into to the skies & think, speak & act as we want. If at any point in your life if you feel helpless about wanting to act in a certain way remember about the wings you have, open them & fly.

PS: This post is inspired by Denis Waitley’s famous quote “The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”