A trip to Mullayanagiri from CRAZY YATRA

It was time , and time to conquer the highest peak of Karnataka. CrazyYatra decided to conquer this peak with crazy yatris. The trek was arranged on 22nd and 23rd of Nov 2014. 20 crazy yatris were going to conquer the 6,330 ft high peak.

We started our journey on Friday night around 10 30 PM from Marathhalli. After a journey of 5 hours around 4 30 AM we reached Gonakal Homestay. We asked people to take rest and get freshen up at 7 30 AM. After a small nap and hot water bath , everyone were excited for the upcoming hiking. We had good breakfast at homestay , hogging Chikmagalur special Idli , chutney and masala kadubu ☺. After packing and taking few selfies and clikcs we left homestay to and headed towards Mullayanagiri base point.

These were our crazy yatris who are all geared up to conquer Mullayanagiri.

Nevertheless , we could see the same amount of energy among the hikers during the trek.

This was the scenic beauty that we captured in our eyes. What a majestic view. Lush green all over the palce. It was around 11 AM that we reached our first checkpoint . A Nandi temple.

People waiting to grab some food. Thanks to our food guard Sadhna ☺

It was then people walked and walked to find some caves and then the peak. It was around whopping 3 PM when we had our lunch . Everyone were so tired that they just wanted to grab food irrespective of whether it tasted spicy or not ☺ .

This was taken at Mullayanagiri peak. Damn looks like all are ready to trek another peak… Hmmm.. could be Nilgiris ? ☺

Later in evening at around 4 PM , we went to ButterMilk falls . One of the unique in its kind. Just wondering the beauty of nature that it beholds !! One of must visit falls at Chikmagalur.

How can the night would be complete without dance and Masti. Yes Indeed I was busy telling stories for our yatris ☺ #ghost!!

A group pic with the team at Gonakal Homestay . We then headed to Belur to appreciate the beauty of Shilabalikas ☺

Indeed a beautiful place to visit. Just an hour drive from Hassan .

And yes , there we were in Bangalore around 9PM . Well , it was these 2 days I guess which made the unknown crazy yatris to get really good friends for their life and some good memories to cheirsh in their lives ☺

From Karthik — A crazy yatri !!

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