#Startupneethi, straight to the inescapable illuminati/merger/acquisition - REVERSE DUE DILIGENCE a must!

they still control your startup without paying ! Very important Niti#8

Let me cut right to the chase! Will explain in detail, my previous Nitis in the next piece.

But this is very important since this is the result of all the conmen getting together to steal your startup using all the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that cofounders have created for you! But…these are the real scarfaces! The real thieves - ladies and gentleman, lemme introduce the scum of startup world…

Niti#8 - when in desperate mode, sell your startup, when in success mode, sell, but…..everything on paper. Research how these soft spoken asses sweet talk your integrity and try to destroy that very trait! Research every bit of their past! Yes i repeat - REVERSE DUE DILIGENCE is more important than you being audited…remember, u r better than them and hence they want to buy you!

Ex : chihealth has a literal named trademark, after acquisition, realised that Tru had pre dated an illegal entity on ROC called “chi health”

Oh yes! Its true. Chihealth wellness bangalore pvt was registered in 2009, but, chi health workplace which didnt exist till 2010 in ROC, showed up since 2010 claiming it was opened ages ago. To be precise, i will leave it to ones skills to find out!

Now, 2017, chi has become tru and running successfully based on what we grew. But no payment on acquisition.

Contract MOU -tick, all conditions adhered -tick, shares pledged -tick, arbitration -tick, judge orders in my favor - tick, judge again orders in my favor -tick, their own jaipur based arbitrator yells at them to pay my dues -tick

Have they paid? NO….

Now i dont want to get into further details just yet! MY intentions behind startupneethi is to help entrepreneurs decide better. And yes secondly, fight for my right!

But i have to take names going forward else i will be another rahul gandhi types shooting in the dark!

Lets break up each Niti, and do an analysis on them.

Coming shortly! Keep reading! The truth will rock every belief of yours in the startup eco system!

Lets cover how a loss making snapdeal pays 3.8 crores per month salary to founders.

So will we cover how a 1 crore company with PAT 90% still gets screwed by acquirers due to their r#@e mentality! As direct as it sounds! Its a BLOODY CRIME nevertheless.

But one always pays for his crime when u stand up and fix them and kick back!

So Niti#9 - whatever happens, protect your rights! Depression, emotion and sentiments aside! Go for the kill, when its legally yours in the first place!

And thanks people, for all the amazing support for me to keep this going ! Overwhelming support indeed!

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