#3 Know what’s happening in the tech world

1. Go 1.18 released — biggest change ever to the language

Go calls this release as the “biggest change ever to the language”.


  1. Go now supports generics, a major update. With this, the types (Integer, String etc ) can be passed as a parameter to methods, classes, and interfaces.
  2. Fuzzing fully integrated into its standard toolchain — first major language to do so.
  3. Go workspace mode makes it simple to work with multiple modules. Earlier, devs had to use “replace” entry in go.mod file that would tell compiler to replace linked module from repository with local version. Often, it would get committed and break things. New updates prevents such mishaps. More details in the tutorial.
  4. CPU performance improvements of up to 20%.

Engineers are going gaga!

2. Type syntax in JS — Types as comments

Microsoft announced a proposal for “collaboration on a new Stage 0 proposal to bring optional and erasable type syntax to JavaScript

JavaScript could carve out a set of syntax for types that engines would entirely ignore, but which tools like TypeScript, Flow, and others could use. This allows us to keep the things you love about TypeScript — its type-checking and editing experience — while removing the need for a build step in development.

we would not need a build step, we would dramatically lower the barrier to entry for JavaScript devs to experience the power of types and great tooling.

Talk of the Town

AI generated 40,000 toxic molecules including several dangerous nerve agents


Amazon S3 celebrates 16 years of cloud.

The scale of S3 as detailed in the blog

Amazon S3 now holds more than 200 trillion (2 x 10^14) objects.

That’s almost 29,000 objects for each resident of planet Earth.

Counting at one object per second, it would take 6.342 million years to reach this number!

There are about 2 trillion galaxies in the visible Universe, so that’s 100 objects per galaxy!

Humour and Rant



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