BJP destroys democracy in India

The ruling Narendramodi led BJP has done something that guru Atal Bihari Vajpyee would have bowed in shame. It has banned a popular news channel NDTV. The channel is advised by the government to black out on Nov 9. Thats because it covered Pathankot attack by Pakistani forces. The channel is said to have reported the Indian side of story which the government says led to compromise of security.

As a citizen I have got no idea of what information that was told by the channel led to compromise of security. If a war is going on in a region, and if media is not supposed to cover it, then the army should have requested journalist not to have covered it, simple. If the journalist or news channel did not obey, only then the journalist or news channel should be penalized.

This stuff by BJP is seen all as a party trying to test democracy in India. The BJP and RSS seems to favor some sort of dictator or authoritarian rule in India and they want to cloak it with a name called democracy.

It could very well be seen from the action of new BJP leaders that they are power freak and don’t really respect democracy. Amit Shah, a popular BJP leader in north India is saying only right news should be entertained. Well Mr. Shah, whats right? whats wrong? Looks like the news that praises BJP and Hindutwa is right and any thing that criticizes it is wrong.

Modi seems to be an immature leader, otherwise such a situation of ordering a channel off air wouldn’t have happened. Modi should realize that he is not a Gujrathi goon now, but an leader of largest democracy on this planet and must learn to respect democracy. He can’t be silly any more and do baby stuff like these and things like weapon worship as he had done before. He must realize he is the priminister of India. If he is unable to show enough maturity he must step down. There is nothing wrong in that.

Kapil Sibal once said in an interview with Barkhadutt (before BJP came to power), he said let BJP come and you will realize who they are (something like that). Looks like he is 100% right. The very same news channel he was giving interview to is now banned.