Indian I.T companies must target Indian market aggressively

Apple is coming to India in a big way. They are realizing I.T market in India is huge. Its not because that there are lot off people using info tech product in India, but there are lot of people who are not even having electricity. So the potential is huge. Once people are electrified and money flows to them, when they become economically prosperous, they too would like to have an information device like a mobile phone or perhaps a smart watch. Their need for software will increase.

Its unfortunate that the I.T companies in India are following US companies in this too. Just because US companies are looking at Indian market, Indian companies are following US companies on this matter too!!!

I wonder why we people copy the US guys? Its our land, its our market. Though profits are going to be reduced, once the I.T companies in India understand the home market, they will become efficient and put products better suited for our own people.

For example, most software is in English, we must put localized versions of software. There are several places where right software for India is missing, one must identify that. My family still uses paper panjaangam for religious consultations, there are apps, and there are tremendous ways to monetize it. Indian companies should grab opportunities.

It might be painful and slow, but this is the opportunity for small companies to capture the local market. Big companies need huge projects and they are not agile enough to adapt quickly, while small one are like cheetah and must adapt.

I hope slowdown in Europe and USA is a good thing for India and good for I.T companies here if they see it in right way.