Not right to blame social media about Jayalalitha

Just hours ago, the Governor of Tamilnadu has said Jayalitha is recovering well. While thats the official statement, people really don’t know what illness she has, why its taking so long for her to get cured? There are lot of gossips floating on the internet.

Well, people have the right to gossip. We humans tend to assume things. While driving around thee corner, we beep our horn and slow down our vehicle because we assume there could be an accident if we don’t do it. Its this kind of assumptions that has kept humans safe. Its a psychological thing. We humans are quiet good at dealing with lack of information, how we deal? We assume things, gossip, tell it to others to get their opinion. Its a basic psychological phenomenon. I wonder why the government gets angry if one gossips about chief minister on the internet.

There is a well established way to put an end to gossip, that is to publish truth with supporting data. We all know how the politicians are, so naturally its hard to believe them. If one has gone to hospital with just fever and cold and the news came out after 2 days that one has recovered where is that person?

Rather than stamping out gossip with undeniable evidence, the government blaming gossipers and cheap people propagating absolutely false information will solve no purpose. If a place is dark, we humans assume there is a ghost in there despite knowing that no such thing exists, when will darkness will get illuminated?

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