Right language for developer happiness

Was watching this video

In the video, the speaker says he adopted clojure, did a project with microservice approach, then due to bad technical decision that was driven by passion things came to a crawl.

There are many things to be learned from this one. First is about developer happiness. There are literally very few tools in this world that make programming a bliss. I thought of an idea for two days, then I just coded it in a single function with just 7 lines of Ruby code! thats developer happiness, concise and gets job done. The code is elegant, easy to understand, test and debug.

Though being a multi million dollar company, none uses operating system put out by Microsoft, but use Linux. Why Linux was able to beat the giant? Most probably because developers were happy coding for it.

As a programmer one must be able to choose what makes one happy. If you are comfortable with one thing, go along with it. Choose what makes you happy.

The second this is don’t jump technology like a monkey. Many do that. They land up in place where there are too many unknown unknowns. This results in lot of delay. People love to follow gossip technology.

When I was a PHP guy, I heard about this thing called Rails. I did not jump immediately. I took time, I did and managed PHP code and teams professionally, and at nights I sat with Ruby. Only when I felt that Ruby was more wonderful than PHP did I jump. It was slow process with many failures. I failed at least 11 times to adopt to Ruby on Rails.

Now there is Nodejs and Javascript ecosystem, but I feel still Ruby on Rails holds against it. And after seeing opal http://opalrb.org/ , I feel Javascript sucks. Truly its a pain, wonder why its dominating the world. Until I am happy and know the new stuff well, I will stick with old.

Third lesson is listen to developers. Many people at top don’t do that. They loose track of whats practical and goes for what glitters. You can’t build a ship with gold, can you? Plus people at the top call their team agile, hope that more work will be done in less time just because they have called it agile, and for some reason don’t interact and communicate well, for those people here is the agile manifesto http://agilemanifesto.org/

So here are the three lessons

  • Concentrate on developer happiness
  • Stay practical, don’t go for what glitters
  • Become truly agile than calling yourself agile
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