We could use friendly language for a long time

Typescript burned my heart. Just the name of it means its a stupid script. If you compare Javascript with Type, Javascript is far more superior. But the truth is Javascript itself is a language that sucks infinitively. If you want to be a productive programmer, as soon as you see Javascript, you will feel that it kinda sucks especially if you are from Ruby or Python world. The reason why Type and Dart are getting popular is because of mobile phones. Let me explain.

There are two ways to look at programming. The first is to realize that computers processing power is increasing as time progresses, so we can create programming languages that are programmer friendly but computers need to work hard on digesting it. Ruby programming language follows that principle. On the other hand you could look at computers as a limited resource and make programmers bend to it. People who program for embedded systems do know this strategy well. Typescript follows this strategy. It wants to make Javascript run efficiently on your mobiles and hence it wants you to write and sweat more so that computers can sweat a little while executing programs.

Does this mean programmers who like to be happy (especially Ruby programmers) need to count their days? Nope. I was reading this article https://thestack.com/world/2016/10/07/law-defying-transistor-smashes-industry-limit-measures-just-1nm/ where a group of researchers have created a transistor just the size of 1 nano meter. Though its not based on silicon, but based on carbon nanotubes which means we need new fabrication process, it does gives hope to us that computers will turn out to have more processing per watt and per unit volume. So we can write software that would make computers understand us more better than the other way around.

I still feel Ruby has a great future. Ruby is evolving internally, that is its becoming faster, at the same time hardware is getting faster too. Human friendly languages have a long long way to go, and I feel their wings will expand to many more domains.

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