Wetting my hands in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Am wetting my hand in Data science and Artificial Intelligence finally! I studied in a crap Engineering college called Panimalar Engineering. Though the final year syllabus did have Artificial Intelligence as elective, the crap college did not have staff. Instead we were forced by the college to take an elective that the college thought would generate lot of marks for us and increase its ranking in universities rank charts. That’s utter crap, one would say, but that's how my life was. I was unable to take Artificial Intelligence, love of my life.

Thankfully free software community http://fsf.org has survived despite the onslaught of Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and other dark and evil forces. Now people are releasing excellent machine learning packages and I am thrilled. After 15 years I am realizing one of my dreams of learning not just Data Science, but proper Artificial Intelligence.

I don’t know weather I will make money out of it, but I wish to contribute to it somehow. If I can contribute to it as code I will be thrilled. I wish big money doesn't corrupt this field as they have corrupted fields like digital Video / Audio, and now putting DRM on web which is pure murder of free web. The web was meant to be unrestricted form of information that was available to all. Now no more, thanks to Hollywood and its greediness.

One thing that's good for the field of datascience and A.I is its been pioneered by scientists and big money hadn’t really tried to take control of it. These are smart people, in a stroke of genius and openness made closed software like Matlab obsolete, just like Wikipedia brought the demise of Britannica for good.

A.I and datascience are essential to humanity, if not now, at least in the near future. Just like bronze tools, electricity and many other things moved from play to luxury to essential, A.I too will be indispensable part of humanity soon, and humans will use it to become ultra productive in ways we can’t imagine now.

A.I will be observing the universe, it will bring to light new laws f physics, design new materials. If you want to watch a movie, A.I will generate, yes on the fly will generate a movie that will be perfect for you. If applied properly, each and every human will have the power to control a star system (not joking) with A.I agents as workers. If big money does not become greedy, if oligarchy wishes not to hold us slave to money, with A.I we can achieve a culture like Star Trek where people will have plentiful and they will work because they wish to work and not because of the fear of poverty as its happening today.

I hope it will become a reality soon.