Why Manmohan is greater than Modi

Every year that tax thats deducted from my account makes my heart sink. I could have spent more on my parent health, or I could have bought something that would ease my life, possibly I could have done something to my old car so that it would last an year more, perhaps I could have saved it for some emergency. I watch my money go to the government and I have no idea whats been used for.

After Modi took to power, I see more tax, something called Swach Bharath tax, or tax to keep my country clean, but I swear my area and roads even after paying months of tax are dirty, wonder where the money goes?

Well that being one front, there is another thing that proves Modi cannot protect the common man from economic swings. The price of oil just went above $ 50/- a barrel, and petrol cost is now Rs 63/- a liter, during Manmohan’s time oil rose up to $ 140/- a barrel and he kept the price just Rs 70/- per liter.

I wonder how he did that, its because he was well educated knew what to do? Or he was concerned about the people? Who knows. He might a “yes boss” person to the Gandhi family, but he made sure we suffered less. On the other hand Modi could have given us petrol for Rs 35/- a liter, but he is making us to suffer more that Rs 60/-

This shows sensitivity of Manmohan, he might have led a corrupt government, but made sure people don’t suffer. Modi might be leading a less corrupt government, but he seems to like to sacrifice us for greater numbers and profitability on his spreadsheet.

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