Will Pon Radhakrishnan resign if Jallikattu does not take place in 2017?

A possible serial liar, Pon Radhakrishnan could be exposing himself very soon

There are several anti-Tamil measures that BJP is doing on actively. First is forcing us to learn Hindi, even though law favors us BJP sided with Karnataka in Kaveri issue, it made sure that Jallikattu did not take place in 2016, its attacking Periyaar who we consider the father of Tamilnadu.

We people trusted the face of Pon Radhakrishnan in 2016, he was the one who said somehow we will make jallikattu happen, and at the last minute he washed off his his hands. Now once again he says he will make jallikattu happen in 2017. No wonder some elections are around.

This guy I think is some mad or a blunt liar, for example Tamizh Isai Sounderajan is a liar which has been exposed in this video https://goblinrefuge.com/mediagoblin/u/mindaslab/m/bjp-lies-on-cauvery-issue-exposed/ , I think Pon is no different than her.

In fact Pon Radhakrishnan should have resigned in gone January and should be resting in his home with his mouth shut tight. Wonder why he is fooling us again?