Working less, achieving more

“You are the one who works the least in office.” said a young friend of mine. Though he is young and wishes to put a modern face, his thoughts are old, his mind is more older than stone age man :) For him, work means coming to office and working, work means really working physically.

He is a person who does not see sharpening an axe as work, but working hard to cut a tree with a blunt axe is work for him. And if you work hard with a blunt axe, he is satisfied; instead if you cut the tree fast with a sharp axe and take rest, it means you are wasting productivity of office. Studying MBA has ruined the mind of that poor thing.

Why it looks like I am working less

Its simple. Even before I physically start to code, I code in my mind. I keep refining it. Doing like that is faster. When I have refined it to my satisfaction, do I start to code.

I know how to code, my coding follows a disciplined approach and follows best practices, which means I will stumble less. Even if I stumble, test driven development will catch it.

Its human to work less

Of all the species in this planet, humans are those who work less, yet they are the ones who have achieved the most. Management people possibly want us to become less intelligent and become animals once again, programmers want to become more human.