Zeronet rising in India

I can’t believe that internet in India is uncensored. Thats because all corrupt nations like UK, USA, China, India censor their internet so that people don’t really know how things are run. For example an politician might attack a rich man this month, but as time goes by his attack would fade away. What happened behind the media curtain? We will never know.

Censoring has become a huge problem. For example if my friend has a movie that he loves and he wants to share it with the world, he puts it on a torrent. But movie owners see this as stealing and for them sharing means loss of business they think. This means that they pump in money into the legal system so that they ban these torrent websites. Thankfully networks have emerged that cannot be censored.

One of the best is tribler

Tribler, one of the master pieces of modern internet

With Tribler, you can download torrent without any central server. you can share your content to the world with no central authority and hence its impossible to shut down.

Another great stuff is Zeronet , for example it has an app called play in it which is nothing but a movie store from which you can get movies for no cost

Zeronet Play

If you look at above screen shot, there are more than 5 dots in Indian territory. Which means that its picking up in India. Comparatively there are more dots in China and Europe which means there Zeronet users are more than here.

Zeronet is just not a movie site, but it offers you secure email called Zeromail and offers you a way that you can put up your own sites that cannot be censored!!! Yes thats true.

Indians must lean about P2P technology, they must learn about tools like these and must learn about basic communication like Ham Radios and other things. As communication and the art of communicating are gifts given by nature to us. If politicians and big money and telecom companies want to censor it, I can only pity them for their stupidity as they are unable to recognize the nature of nature.

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