So this happened.

15th august 2016

1000: I left goa.

1100: Shishir Nikam calls, tells me i should go to hampi/anegundi instead of the original plans of seeing jog falls

1105: I decide, I should go do both places. what could possibly go wrong.

1110: I lose the padding on my earphones and decide to get sub 100Rs ones. I found a pair at a local goan shop for 75. they are advertised as scented earphones. SCENTED FREAKING EARPHONES!!! They work as advertised. They were scented earphones. 😃 But they were so shitty that some times all you could hear was the base. Sometimes, just the leads, sometimes just the vocals it was like playing russian roulette with your music. it was fun.

1200: The rains begin.

1500: I reach a 100 km from jog falls. the rains get so bad that i had to stop for a bit. screwed up my time table.

1545: Reach jog falls. the road up to the falls is so amazing that i am expecting to have my mind blown.

1548: We paved paradise and put up a parking lot. literally! >.<

1615: I leave jog falls, disappointed by the end but amazed by what i saw on the way.

1700: Flat tyre outside of a village that doesnt even get a mention on google maps. with no mechanic who can fix this.

1705: Call kshitij to see if he can find the auto helpline number. there isnt one. he gives me number of local bullet club. 90Km away. number disconnected.

1707: He tries more numbers. most don’t work.

1710: Stop a car to ask them for help. they said they will try to get me a guy in the next village. they did.

1730: Find number of RE dealer in shimmoga.

1732: Get number of RE service centre shimmoga.

1735: Get number of a local mechanic (Wazeer) in sagar.

1740: Wazeer said he will try to arrange for a small truck to pick up bike and bring it to his shop.

1745: Poonam calls. we speak for 30 minutes. it helped.

1820: Truck arrives. umesh the driver and his friend pick up the bike, tied it to the back and we are off to sagar.

1930: Sagar. Wazeer’s workshop. he undoes the tyre, makes me sit behind hold the tyre in my lap and go to the puncture repair shop. Its half a kilometre away.

1931: My first world-ness kicks in and i mentally scream in horror over spoilt jeans.

1940: We reach the shop. wazeer says “fix karo aur dukaan pe aa jana”

1955: I get a used tube fixed in and i am carrying the assembly back.

2000: I am not used to physical labour. my body screams BLOODY MURDER.

2010: Bike is fixed. Wazeer’s son, and i joke about my weight, the rains, and the others who had tubeless tyres and newer bikes.

2015: Wazeer’s son had more respect for me because i rode alone.

2016: Wazeer’s son asked me for my name and seemed disappointed i wasn’t a muslim. made me a tad bit uncomfortable. but he adjusted quickly. me too.

2016: We joked a bit more and then he showed me to the nearest hotel.

2020: I reach the hotel. Hotel owner insists i pay him a deposit. I sweet talk him into not taking it. My good looks and charm work their magic. So does my tired and mud caked clothes.

2030: Checked in, put clothes to dry. wore dry clothes and hit the hay. hard.

2035: Counting sheep.

2040: Sleeeeeep

16th august 2016

0600: I wake up. reply to messages. clean up

0615: Dress up for a ride.

0630: leave hotel.

0700: Cross Shimoga. Nearly cry with awesomeness again. Not the first time in the last 24 hours. Not the first time that day.

0900: Miss calls. Miss emails. Miss messages.

1130: Hit a ditch in the road 6inch deep. wheel dented. me thinks. i ride on. like nothing happened.

1200: tumkur. stop for a break. contemplate trip. cant stop smiling.

1400: HOME IS WHERE THE BED IS. really.

its been the happiest birthday. in a while.