Identity Theft

How can we become someone else?

Keeping in line with my thoughts on “Identical Identities” (see previous post) and my groupmate Ivan’s thoughts on “Living Vicariously”, I approached the internet with a question — “How to become someone else?” Let’s just say there is a disturbing number of sources on the internet that cater to this very question. There is even a wikihow page with step by step guidelines. Um, is this problematic?

I continued to sniff about and landed on this website — a fake identity generator. “The United Estates” sounds like a great recreational property with golf carts and matching polo shirts — give me citizenship NOW!

The following link — I laughed it off. Shouldn’t have. Big mistake.


I paid no attention to it as it played on in the background. At some point I found myself in an odd trance, I fought the urge to succumb to it. I’d like to think I succeeded. But I am giving you fair warning. Do not listen to it. It will change you.

All these sources definitely got me thinking of identity in a more playful way. I thought of parodies- fake identities as bootlegs, knockoffs and ripoffs of real people.

I could have gone on forever but I was starting to feel a bit woozy and my search history had started to look questionable. Perhaps some other day.