Magic of Silence

There are many intentions, with which one speaks, but the intent of words is not necessarily always embodied in the words. The intent of words often do not manifest within the words themselves. The underlying phenomenon perhaps is of lack of clarity, or at times, a hasty impatience to seize the moment and thought as fast as possible.

There is often a question that has run in my mind, a wonderment, when I see the silent contemplation of people, and my own inherent incapability of doing the same. I always had a fascination, a sort of child like fascination, like something that a young one would behold, when they see, with awe, how bubbles are formed, in that childhood soap water toy. The phenomenon, by itself, is magic. And same magic I beheld in my fascination with silence.

As we grow older, magic starts to hold sway much lesser in things we do not understand, and perhaps starts to hold far greater sway in things which we believe ourselves incapable of achieving. Perhaps, the stronger of us do not believe that they are incapable perennially, but only in that moment, as the French would have you hear, actuellement.

I think, I lie somewhere in the middle. Maybe I do not like to think that I am incapable perennially, but considering my weak affinity to consistency, I would perhaps believe that there is a precursor that I need to achieve, before truly grasping that which I marvel — silence.

I would believe that holding an opinion prompts a quick reaction from my nature, and not always do I believe holding opinions is wrong. And never do I assume, that this tendency, in effect, compels me to believe myself to be of the right position. But we seem to have accepted a social phenomenon, that holding opinions is a mistake within itself.

We seem to live in a day and age, where there is nothing more frowned upon than voicing one’s own opinions.

And this, has sort of swayed me away from the magic that silence, hitherto held. The fascination with silence has been replaced with lesser than ideal view on silence.

We live in a society, which has moved away from being highly opinionated, to a society which heavily relies on imposition of silence, for the sake civility. Is the imposition of silence, truly civil?

Is the acceptance of silence, the object of the crusade against opinions?

Can one not retain the right of an opinion, which is formed through careful consideration of all sides of an argument? Why is the world afraid of opinions, and much more so, of ideas which work in the opposite direction of silence?

When was it socially decided that silence is the most acceptable social norm?

And if it is truly the best thing out there, then why do I feel stifled? Why is it that silence is not always so pleasant, and reassuring? Why has the magic in silence lost its fascination?

Why does silence feel like a prison? With empty walls, inconceivable, yet always present?

Why is silence the biggest fence, or so it feels?

Is there no other way to look at this, than a choice between opinionated walls versus silent walls?

Can we not exist without walls, but with magic?

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