Why Hillary Lost The Elections

I will never forget November 11th 2016. It was the day when hate and right wing won and the most powerful nation in the world is having an outspoken white supremacist as it’s leader. Until the minute they started taking out the ballots, we were all sure about the ‘sure’ winner. Hillary Rodham Clinton had over 30 years of experience in politics and is familiar with the constitution. She is a xenophilic, a feminist and supportive of immigrant’s rights. If you watch the presidential debates then you will see a well-prepared woman arguing next to a blabbering man. Celebrity supported her; from Katy Perry to Barack Obama, media was on her side and visibly, the administration is in her favor. More than anything else, people wanted her as the president as Hillary won the popular vote more than any previous male president of the United States of America. The polls predicted that she will win easily. Yet, the highest glass ceiling could not be shattered and hate won.

What the hell America was trending and me, someone who dreams of visiting ‘the land of immigrants’ might be at the mercy of the Visa officials and social media regulators as per the rumors. People called out misogyny as the main reason behind Hillary’s heartbreaking loss but I guess there is more to it and as a person, you could learn a thing or two from it.

Why did Hillary lose…?

IMO (I am willing to stand corrected)

#1 The tagline

Donald Trump famous yet controversial tagline was “Make America great again” while Hillary stuck to her “stronger together” line. While Trump’s line was giving indirect messages on making America inclusive, Hillary wanted to make an impression on unity. However, admittedly Trumps’s line created an impact in media as people talked about the contest itself as the process of making America great again. When I spoke to a friend of mine who has learned astrology, he revealed that Trump's tagline, no matter what the message is, has more energy in it. At the end of the day, that’s what people want. As an Indian, I want a leader who will make India great. But then, “again” in that context will make you raise your eyebrows.

#2 Hillary worked against Trump more

President Barack Obama criticized Hillary enhancing on her lack of reach to the country side and sticking to the metropolitan areas alone. We know Hillary is a liberal but her momentum in the campaign depended on Trump’s bad image more than her own good image. Trump has every single flaw from being racist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic and xenophobic but we know that more, thanks to Hillary. I used to check her twitter account occasionally and most of them were directed against Trump. During the first presidential debate, Trump made a valid point, Hillary spend millions to campaign against him. In simple words, Hillary unintentionally gave more publicity to Trump than herself. As a foreigner who read about 2016 election, I knew more Trump’s bad deeds than Hillary’s good deeds. I was looking forward to the most powerful position in the world being handled by a woman who broke the glass ceiling and at times I thought, why Hillary? I myself, criticized Trump a lot but had nothing to praise Hillary with. Even celebrities started campaigning for Hillary at the last minute. This publicity helped Trump more.

#3 The reasons we all know

Hillary is no saint either. Benghazi, isis, e-mails and her history of corruption is high enough for her to be a hated candidate. 2016 election was about who is hated less. Hillary is visibly hated less but some hated her to an extent. Susan Sarandon mentioned in an interview that she would rather sacrifice chances of Trump winning the election than to vote for Hillary. Plus during the 2008 race, Obama himself added enough insult to injury calling out to her role in silencing rumors surrounding her husband’s alleged sexual relations and other corrupt deeds.

#4 We can’t rule out misogyny

Maybe the idea of a woman succeeding an African American was too much for the white supremacists. But, Hillary’s chances were lost due to the electorate college. If there was no electorate college system and if it was up to the people then we will be saying “Madame President”.

It is very difficult to not hate Hillary but it is also difficult to not admire her. She got back up after being knocked down several times, whether it is in her personal life or political career. During that campaign, she was the champion for many young girls who could finally say, “yes, now I can do it”. She should be appreciated and thanked for that.