Excitement !

This guy covers it all !!!! Ashby, Sun Tzu, Boyd !!!!!

At first it was the mention of ‘strategy’ that sold me. That’s me — I’m sold first, my life is a series of extrications one after the other.

I was ecstatic. Then I saw the guy’s blog. The words ‘Ashby’ jumped out at me. I read some, then I read some more, and was even more ecstatic.

Then when we reached the screenshot below on the video, I transcended the roof of the taxi into great white sunlight of joy. For you see, this is nothing more than DeLanda’s stratification applied to the industry .The Stratification Continuum lives !! And at one end, we have the richy-rich-rich folk having novelties built for them, and at the other end ,we have China stamping out millions of copies of tomorrow’s enlightened device at (not-so) throwaway rates !

Aside — I’m going to register amazing-ecstatic-Search.com, and buy the keyword.

The other construct I’ve been working on is of society as a circle of people contributing towards the empty (stone soup?) centre, with the integrators (Toffler)collapsing multiple chords into a single point . Thus we have what Gibson said “We live in a highly mediated world”

Wheel of life, integration — effect of

in the garishly set “No maps for these territories” .

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