Hey I’m not good story writer.If I did any mistakes in this story so please don't disappoint….

😉😉😉Lets we start 😉😉😉

Each and every creatures lives the irks appropriate life.
All the creatures born one day and dies one day in between that Time is known as LIFE.

Now you should rise the question about my title.

Yeah the river is the good example for life

Lot of water drops​ form the river. 
You already knew that. 
But, Are you know the similarity between human and this line.

Yeah, only one man can’t form the society, many people have some part in everyone’s life.

Mountain( ice mountain) is the birthplace of river( example river ganga ) , Mountain is very highest and superior.

Every creatures born in mother's sanctum.
It's the world’s most Sanctimonious place 😇😇😇.

And it's the superior place in world ,apart from this word other words are unmatched.

We are start our life in mother's​ superior place,And river starts life at(river’s mother) mountains superior place.

Do you know one thing???

Every creatures can't live long time in Sanctimonious's a manufacturing error 😁.

So they(river and humans) are leave that peaceful place.

So they are coming down.

After leaving the superior place
The river reach the Ataxia state
As well as child also feel this ataxia state at start of 4 years.

😎Next topic is problems 😊

😣The problems 😣

Yeah river also meet the problems from their journey.They have lot of things but I list out very few.

  • Grooves and gyri,
  • Factories water wastes,
  • Dam.

Unless you read this story you didn't consider above things as problems😉.

The first thing grooves and gyri(teenage).

The river can't move fast in grooves sometimes can't move slowly in gyri, slow time is best for everyone and fast was fully opposite because fast moving is very dangerous for all.

Same thing happen in Human's​ life, I have a reason for consider this as a teenage.

teenage is fast moving and fast thinking time to humans.

that time is very dangerous to teens and other, in that time we have to think calmly and little bit slow.

Second thing factories wastes( bad person friendship).

River comes​ from Sanctimonious place , it has only good quality. But in its journey some dirty water drops spoil it's quality.

Because some factory wastes.

You can drink this type of water?


River also have good connection with good quality, I mean the branch river’s merging into Main river.

Convey this message to human's life. Humans also have good friends and​ bad friendship.

Good friends like branch rivers ,bad friends like factory wastes that type of friends can't help in good way.

Final and last thing DAM ( blocking).

Dam block the river in his journey.but it's not permanent,one day they will continue their journey.

This is best example for Human’s failure, failure is considered as a DAM, failure is not permanent, it's just a part for in your life.

Slow stage of both (old age)

The river goes smoothly and slowly in near to sea.

Same thing human get slow in their old age.

When they finished is journey???


Yeah you already knew that😉 Humans have DEATH.

But river,

The end point of river is considered as death of river.

Finally the river reach the sea and finished its journey.

Same thing human get DEATH and finished their life.



I finished my story with my favourite poet thiruvalluvar’s poetic lines.

நீரின்றி அமையாது உலகு.

I have the reason to registry this poetic line here in this place. because with our life world is nothing. Try to know that tamizh poetic lines.

😍😍😍 Bye bye 😍😍😍

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