Karthik Iyengar
Jan 29, 2019 · 1 min read

Here’s are of some of the resources that I’ve found useful along the way.

  • Dr. Boolean’s functional programming course on egghead along with the book is an excellent starting point.
  • Kyle Simpson also has a book on functional JavaScript that many people find useful.
  • Category Theory for Programmers — the book and the video series on YouTube for getting into the meat of the theory. This goes well with Eugenia Cheng videos here. Another great video series along the same lines here by David Spivak.
  • I love this 20 minute video about the all of the terminology that gets thrown around. Condensed, yet very informative.
  • Jack Hsu’s blog, although a bit dated has some really inspiring ideas.
  • The crocks Gitter and Ian Hoffman-Hick’s YouTube channel and Egghead.
  • The Haskell community and solving programming problems in Haskell on Codewars.
  • If you’re open to reading a bit of Scala, Sinisa Louc’s blogs about Monads and Applicative Functors are pretty insightful.

Being a JavaScript guy moving to FP, I’m still learning the ropes on a lot of theory and I’m pretty sure that other people have some great resources as well that complements this.

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