There are three basic problems plaguing our family, and until these dissolve we are in alot of trouble -
(i) Patriarchy:

(ii) Subjective hypocrisy:
We’ve grown up in a society stuck between two worlds and in the confusion of how to handle the

(iii) Parenting:
Parenting in our family has been all about platforms.

We’ve worked so hard to setup the best platforms that have empowered those succesful in society through years of hardwork and diligence. We’ve invested in places which would groom talent and provide avenues for its showcase. We’ve however forgotten to give room for self-awareness, self-recovery and meta-cognition.

We’ve not given room for the side-effects of talent and exposure and be-littled the path of self-discovery that occurs on the path that talent leads us. We’ve handed smartphones, yet censored communication. We’ve turned ‘communists of parenting’, expecting marriage to bring in the democracy we all profess. There is something fundamentally wrong that leads our youngsters to rebel, fight, hide and succumb to.

We wish the best for our children at the cost of listening to their hundred tales on their growth, depression, abuse and betrayal. What’s the success in knowing your kids are hurting you up-close and making you proud from far beyond. That is no less than watching a facebook display picture and concluding ones IQ. Evolution occurs due to accidents. We as parents either try too hard to vaccinate against it or become ready to fight the attack beside our children. What we need to understand is that the immunity to life’s problems builds through recovery and we must give room for that, not coddle. Avoid artificial gratification and excessive manuring.

Let your baby wither and weather. It is fighting your care while ideally it must revel in it. It learns through its questions — you needn’t give answers, just provide room. Prevention is better than cure for what’s known, but cure is the best prevention for everything else.

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