My mother and My friends

My mother is a gift which God gave me my mother brought me to this world and gave a lovely family like my father mother brother grandfather and mother . Now let us go to my life I am jaikeerthi .I go to school I am in 6th standard I have so many friends but my best are varun, surakshith they are my friends .Whatever problems I have they do not leave me alone in any situation . One day in my class I was absent for two day and I did not complete my notes my friends gave me notes and saved me from getting scouldings from my teacher . One day my friend met with an accident and was absent for three days we thought something is wrong we asked his mom what happened they he met with an accident we went to hospital with fruits to see him he one car hit him and after three days he came back to school and my life with my friends and family . This is my little story of my life..