Why demonetisation is a bad idea

Why did modi ban 500 hundred Rs notes and 1000 Rs notes . Because it affected the people of India especially the poor people in banglore . And started circulating New notes like New500rs. note and 1000rs. note . In the poor people did not get money so many poor committed suicide because of this new notes it affected the parents who had booked marriage hall for their children . This process also affected the IT workers had to suffer for money . Even big people had to wait in the que of the bank . Whenever we need to go to bank there was a big Que it used to take minimum 2 to 3 hours, after waiting in the que for so long and it will show no money it irritates us so badly . So please narandra modi if doing changes like this note please inform people who are suffering to get money especially the poor ones thank you Mr narandra modi.