Life is meaningful because we think so

"What is the meaning of life?" Asked Hari.

He was not the only one who had had this question on his mind that day. Alexs' death was so sudden that it made our entire team to question the meaning of life.

I knew Alex (name changed) as I was one of the initial mentors who evaluated him for the job.

He was a cool guy. He was big, fluffy, and always greeted others with a warm smile. I couldn't meet him after the 30 day training as he was moved to the night shift.

Three weeks before the accident, he was telling me that he had been back from the Himalayas after an awesome bike ride.

The last time I met him was a week before the accident where we all met for lunch to send off my manager who got accepted for a masters programme at US.

Me and Alex had a nice chat. It was a shock when, a week later, I came to know that he passed away in a tragic road accident.

I was at my desk when we all heard the news and it was devastating for all of us. I did not know how to react. The recent memory of my dad's death came across my mind and made t he day worse.

That is when new joinee Hari asked me "why did this have to happen to him? Why does he have to leave us soon? If this is what life is, then what is the meaning of all this?"

It was a good question.

If understood, answers for these questions would help each of us understand the philosophy of life. What happens to all the hard work and struggle that went into creating ones career, future, etc. It all ends in a split second.

I wasn't able to answer it at that moment. I said

"Life has no meaning. It is us who perceive it to be a special thing that was bestowed upon us for being the supreme species in the world."

Even though it is true, none of us can accept it for the fact. This is because of the idea of life that was imparted on us.

It is said that human beings are the only species who can have thoughts about thoughts. This has made us overexaggerate the concept of life, which is a simple linear process that starts at birth and ends at death.

Life is similar to humans as it is for every living thing on this planet. But, our perception of life is the one that threatens us, shakes us to the core and make us worry about the future.

Incidents like these reminds us that life is short and we should live every day like it was our last.

Easier said than done! I know!

I miss Alex and feel bad for not going to his funeral. I was too terrified to go the funeral as I was sure that it would've worsen my thoughts about death, which I have been constantly having since my dad's death.

I know a few of my colleagues would've thought bad about me for not being able to come. But, I don't have to justify. I miss his presence and will always remember his warm smile.

And, I also thank him every now and then for teaching me a valuable lesson.

Life is too short to think too much

Until next time