Her Hazel Eyes, That Didn’t Lie

Somethings in life just make you numb,
I remember the evening you made me mum.

I stepped in, looking at the azure sky.
The place was indeed alluring, making me high!

Walking towards a seat in the front row aisle,
My eyes beheld something sublime.

Tucking the hair behind your ears,
Exposing red streaks of tresses without any fears.

You glistened like a star,
A country ready to make peace who’s at war.

Charismatic was your presence on that stage,
As if you owned that place since a tender age.

Your eyes — Imagining them speak,
They would not stop for a week.

Your soul hailed from your eye,
For witnessing them, thousands would die.

Hazel eyes, filled with love & mischief,
Spreading endless love narrowing the path of grief.

You held the mic gripping it tight,
With your fingers curled, clearing your throat just right.

You sang your heart and soul with your homey band,
Creating an aura of euphoria with your voice as the magic wand.

You brought a crinkle to the skin near my lips,
I fetched for my breath, as my heartbeat skipped.

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