The Pandemic, The Lock down and the Pseudo-Productivity urge.

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Let’s start with some stretches.

Raise your hand, or nod, or make some affirmative action if your answer to any of the following questions is “Yes.”

During the lock down,

Did you learn a new skill?

Did you develop a productive habit?

Did you read a book?

Did you work out and get fit?

If you affirmative-actioned for any of the above questions, good — you’re making great use of the extra time you have during the lock down.

But I want to talk to the people who didn’t — the people who just stood there like a log while reading the questions because all of their answers were “No.” …

When life originated, the idea was simple.

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When life originated, the idea was simple.

Live, thrive, survive. Then more life came, so a much more complex idea followed — to live, to thrive and to survive by co-existing. Doesn’t sound so difficult, does it? But then came along men. We lived, we thrived, we survived. Co-existing wasn’t a problem, until some type of division among the species deemed necessary for reasons unknown. Drumroll, enter faith. Drumroll, enter casteism. And after a chain of drumrolls, the idea of life couldn’t just be defined by a few words. It was much more of an agreement, rather than a requirement.

Today, the sense of alienation that people feel among themselves is not something that has happened ‘by chance’ — it is the result of ugly practices started by the ugliest minds in the past. We vouch for unity, for equality, but vouching isn’t enough. …

It is surprising to see the fragility of human values and ethics. It is frightening to see how dumb humans are to not be able to distinguish between faith and emotion. Recent violence that set the state of Kerala on fire is more than enough to make my point clear.

To all this who don’t know, we were struck by massive floods about half a year ago, during which we were so glad to see ourselves working hard in rescue operations, material supply and rehabilitation. …


Karthik Raj

Grad, Software Engineer, Writer. Published in The Startup, and The Ascent

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