It is surprising to see the fragility of human values and ethics. It is frightening to see how dumb humans are to not be able to distinguish between faith and emotion. Recent violence that set the state of Kerala on fire is more than enough to make my point clear.

To all this who don’t know, we were struck by massive floods about half a year ago, during which we were so glad to see ourselves working hard in rescue operations, material supply and rehabilitation. We thought we grew beyond our differences. Beyond materialism. Beyond religion. Beyond beliefs. Beyond every single dividing metric.

We were wrong.

Recent events relating to Sabarimala regarding women entry has just set Kerala in a state of emergency. Protests, arrests, numerous fights leading to bloodshed, political drama, and what not. Everything we thought we defeated, religion, caste, cultural and political differences, every single belief was torn down in a single day.

Everyone has their reasons. For some, it’s their beliefs. For some it’s their civic sense. For some, it’s propaganda.

Fuck this. Fuck beliefs. Fuck civic sense. Fuck propaganda.

How do you know that your belief is always right? How do you know that you stand for the right, by not knowing what others stand for? How can you put yourself above others without even judging your value in the society?

Who the fuck do you think you are?

You were born human. The moment you were born, you’re affiliated to a religion. Related to a political belief. Fed information that only others wanted you to be fed. Think about this, you are only here, reading this article because you were asked to. By someone. You may think it was your choice but was it? You chose it because it was someone else’s choice to let you have this choice. So was it your choice ever?

Boggled? Everything around you, Every post you see in social media is moderated so as to make you see only what you ‘usually’ see and Not what you ‘want’ to see. Follow some religious shit for a week and voila that’s all you’re ever gonna see for the rest of your life. Follow motorsports for a week and you’ll have Hamilton wake you up everyday. You are influenced by something if you like it or not.

You can never say whether you are right or wrong. The only way to conclude what is right is to know every side of a story, but still that conclusion is influenced by what you have seen and experienced till that point of time. Think about it. Is the choice ever really yours?

Divisions. Divisions are what create such diverse opinions in humans. We have laws — we have human rights, we have LGBT rights, we have women’s rights — what the actual fuck? Why do we need specific rights for every special interest of a human when human rights are already existent?

The right to expression, the right to education, the right to whatever, should have also included the right to wear whatever a person wants, the right to marry another human despite the gender, and all those things.

The lawmakers did wrong by making laws that divided the population.

I know I’m going on about different things, but this needed to be said. Now, these differences in opinion happen because you see people with different preconceptions.

Oh she’s a woman — Oh that person is Muslim — Oh he’s gay.


See them as another human. A human. Born like how all other humans were born. They say, people see God in other people when they get help. Okay helpers, did you ever feel like Gods when you helped a person in need?


See. That is why whenever you offer food to a homeless man he thanks you, and never prays, or draws a cross, or does the Namaz facing you. He doesn’t see a God. He sees humanity. His faith in humanity is restored.

Humanity. Not God.

Humanity, not God.

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Grad, Software Engineer, Writer. Published in The Startup, and The Ascent

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