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The Pandemic, The Lock down and the Pseudo-Productivity urge.

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Let’s start with some stretches.

Raise your hand, or nod, or make some affirmative action if your answer to any of the following questions is “Yes.”

During the lock down,

Did you learn a new skill?

Did you develop a productive habit?

Did you read a book?

Did you work out and get fit?

If you affirmative-actioned for any of the above questions, good — you’re making great use of the extra time you have during the lock down.

But I want to talk to the people who didn’t — the people who just stood there like a log while reading the questions because all of their answers were “No.” …

When life originated, the idea was simple.

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When life originated, the idea was simple.

Live, thrive, survive. Then more life came, so a much more complex idea followed — to live, to thrive and to survive by co-existing. Doesn’t sound so difficult, does it? But then came along men. We lived, we thrived, we survived. Co-existing wasn’t a problem, until some type of division among the species deemed necessary for reasons unknown. Drumroll, enter faith. Drumroll, enter casteism. And after a chain of drumrolls, the idea of life couldn’t just be defined by a few words. It was much more of an agreement, rather than a requirement.

Today, the sense of alienation that people feel among themselves is not something that has happened ‘by chance’ — it is the result of ugly practices started by the ugliest minds in the past. We vouch for unity, for equality, but vouching isn’t enough. …

It is surprising to see the fragility of human values and ethics. It is frightening to see how dumb humans are to not be able to distinguish between faith and emotion. Recent violence that set the state of Kerala on fire is more than enough to make my point clear.

To all this who don’t know, we were struck by massive floods about half a year ago, during which we were so glad to see ourselves working hard in rescue operations, material supply and rehabilitation. We thought we grew beyond our differences. Beyond materialism. Beyond religion. Beyond beliefs. …

Yeah. I know. Ass.

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If my dog had fingers. Photo by Mitchell Hollander (No offence!) on Unsplash

You have a paper pending. You have homework pending. You have assignments pending. Your boss is nagging you, your parents are nagging you, your sibling is blinking and that’s nagging you; anything that can remotely nag you is remotely nagging you. You look at the time, and you realize you actually don’t have much to waste. Being the pinnacle of the humane masterpiece you are, you move your fat ass to the bed, and sleep.

Will do later.

Apparently, the worst thing you can say isn’t ‘I love you’. ‘Will do later’ tops that.

I’ll do it later.

“Do your laundry!” “I’ll do it later, Mom!” (Day 5, Screaming Underwear).

Disclaimer : Only read this if you want to have a break. From life, from anything, from everything.

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You need a break. You have some major issue, a dilemma, that is unresolved. Think about the dilemma. It could be one or many, but just focus on the most irritable. Make sure you have one to think about. Have one in mind? Good.

Have you ever felt your life to be a little…too crowded?

So many things going on, so little time, you’re not getting sleep, you’re not getting things done, your relationships flutter in the air, you’re fragile, and you just ache, in your heart, your brain, and whichever part of the body you want to move?

Relax, breathe.

At least you can breathe. …

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“Playful child with a Marvel Spider-Man shirt holding his arms out” by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash (No, that’s a kid giving a crooked thumbs-up with a badass attitude)

You’re not asking for feedback right.

Have any feedback?

Have you ever asked this question? I know I have.

What I’m about to say, might sound really confusing to you.

Feedback is good. It’s powerful, it has the potential to change people. That’s for inanimate object, for products, for services. It can’t be generally applied to things that wake up, eat, work, shit and go back to sleep. Us, humans, I mean.

You always want to improve, right? Being good feels good, right?


I mean being good does feel good, but that’s not why you want to improve. Humans have a “need for attention”. It is not evident, this need. …

And talk by writing.

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Disclaimer: This article is poorly formatted, but just read on, try to get what I’m saying. If you don’t, respond below!

Have you ever been bored of an article?

I hope you won’t be, with this one.

Because in this one, I’m not gonna write, but I’m gonna talk to you.

Saw the picture? That’s a mic. It’s made to communicate with effect, to a large group of people. Similarly like writing. You write, to communicate to a single person, or a group of people.

So why do you approach a different style in your writing, different from what you have when you talk?

Trust me, nobody wants to read archaic, foot-long words anymore. …

Can you speak? or think? Then you’re good to go.

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“How do you write?”

“Where do you get the ideas?”

Easy. Well, not that easy.

You need to have good control over your language, a clear and focused mind, a room that is sound proof and earplugs and eye-patch to cut you away from all other distractions.

I’m Serious…… kidding.

And make income?

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Writing is pleasure. So many things to let go off, so many things to hold on to.

I wasn’t always the writing kind.

Actually, I started writing to make some money as a freelancer. Thankfully, there was a guy brave enough to hire me, even though I was a first timer.

Because you really don’t.

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No that wasn’t a clickbait.

I was recently involved in a hackathon, and my team chose to thwart the current educational system. We wanted to find an answer to a very basic question.

Why do you have to go to a place, learn the same things that people learn, in hundreds of colleges, in thousands of cities? We found an answer to this question, “You Don’t”.

Almost every student who was asked why he/she went to college (or is going to one) answered “to get a job”. Sorry to give you the sad news, but that era, is slowly dying.

Nowadays nobody learns to merely “get a job”. People learn to create new jobs. To find solutions. …

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