Day One: ThoughtWorks Chennai

Its a very weird feeling when you walk up to the security enclosure at the Ascendas International IT Park and tall the officer-in-charge that you are joining ThoughtWorks today. I had a feeling of immense pride, immsnese satisfaction, kind of impossible to put into words.

ThoughtWorks is kind of unique. It is a congregation of people first and an organisation next. Everyone tries to make you feel at home. The people are receptive, friendly, immensely jovial and have absolutely awesome attitudes. ThougtWorkers are the absolute cream of the human race. Evolution at it’s finest. Trust me.

It took a few hours for me to kick into mood even here. Maybe my mind couldn't actually grasp the depth of what it was going through. Maybe it was way too much for me to comprehend.

People welcome you with open arms at TW. They are absolutely, totally happy about meeting new people and their excitement kind of rubs on you. Listening to teams converse, debate, analyse and solve problems while trying to understand use cases is a totally new experience. Pair programming seems like an exciting concept that I would definitely like to be a part of . Most definitely.

There is also an unbelievable amount of intelligence that you can just feel sitting at the TW floor. Its a positive vibe that really transfers onto you. To me its toally exciting, fascinating and has me glues to my seat like a teenager.

TW is a radically different organisation. Interns recieve Laptops ! My Dell Latitude has a beautiful keyboard. Loving it already. There is also the awesome pantry. To a foodie like me, access to great food, less than 50 meters from where one works is a total win-win. Lunch is lip-smackingly good. Makes me feel privileged, totally at peace and happy ☺

There is absolute camaraderie on the floor. Teams are absolutely open, loud, active and if I am right, the most productive, happy units of people that ever existed. I hope I get onto one ASAP. Wating eagerly for being assigned to a project. I hope it happens soon.

First day at ThoughtWorks was absolutely amazing. South Indians are very lucky that they get to celebrate two birthdays every year. Today happens to be my star birthday. I got the best gift imaginable, in the form of joining ThoughtWorks. I just look forward to my tenure here at my dream organisation.

Birthday Wish ! ThoughtWorks ! Hope it comes true ! ☺

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