Everyone want’s to be successful. The fact is success is not a goal or vision, It is a journey with infinite number of milestones. It getter better or worst once you get started. But how do you get in to this journey? is there any signup form for getting started? — No, It’s all lies in your mindset and most important your actions.

Everyone face problems at some point in life where there is no exact solution in solving it. But the one who faces the problem deeply knows how it can be solved. And can make it as generic…

You want to make a website for yourself or business or simple app. Now you can build that as quick as possible using vue-cli. Here using the below simple steps you can able to get started.

If you don’t have vue-cli installed on you computer. Follow the installation guidance from the vue cli official website or just open up your terminal and type the following code and press enter.

npm install -g @vue/cli

It will be taking few mins depends upon your internet connections. The above command will install the vue-cli globally. …

There is no book or any kind of technique that is there to pick the right people. It’s in the process of how we evaluate the candidate from sourcing to on-boarding.

If you have an idea of starting a tech company and you are a techie person it might be easy for you to hire or evaluate the candidate. If you are not a techie, try to create some connections in your circle of friends of friends. Even techie makes mistake while hiring, it’s common.

In a startup, the founding team is more important, because those are the people who…

The printable HTML page has always been a nightmare for freshers or even experience front end developers. I worked on similar styles 3 years before, I still about to go for lots of research and find solutions on StackOverflow to do it. I planned to create one and write about the process hope it will be helpful.

First, let’s create a div with class name “sheet-outer” in that add another class “A4” and create an inner div where your inner content goes there. Add class name “sheet”, now add your inner content. …

Karthikeyan Rajendran

Is a Visionary, Techie, Experimental person. He listens to people who share real life experience. He loves to teach. Albuth, Anto, Aytekin Tank are his Mentors

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