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Micro Habits is a habit tracker app (iOS) inspired by a book called “Tiny Habits” — BJ Fogg. It helps users to develop any new habits by starting them at a very tiny level and gradually increasing them. The key is in attaching the new habit to an existing habit. I led the user interface design and the illustration side of this project.

Below are the few UI patterns I’d like to show you based on usability testing and my learnings.

The tab icons

Navigation UI patterns are a shortcut for good usability. Tab icons should be easy to scan. Users should be able to understand what exactly happens when they tap on an element. Text labels are used to provide short and meaningfully definitions of navigation icons. Below are the three options we tried and tested for tab icons. …

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I was recently commissioned to create an illustration set for an ebook app — The reader. I was responsible for creating onboarding illustrations, landing page banner, and cover pages for social channels.

The Reader is a community of book-lovers who believe that reading can be a force for change. You can find exciting new works of literature and connect with other readers from all around the world.

The Reader is a book-lovers community and book store online. The target audience is the readers between the ages of 15–35, who read for fun, relax, and knowledge.

I worked closely with Athiwat— Founder of The Reader, to better understand goals, mission, targeted users and set a style direction for illustrations. We wanted illustrations to feel friendly and have a modern distinct style.

Creating mood boards and sketches

I collected 2 different mood boards (Generic and Quirky) to show possible directions and define the pros and cons. Then created some rough sketches for the main illustration. …


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