Why war with Pakistan — is not an option
Raghu Raman

“ forgiveness befits a snake which has venom in its bite — not one which is weak, toothless and harmless” — Raghu Raman hits the nail on the head spot on, when he states this.

India does not have the capability for a long and sustained, or a short and intense war right now. So the only way to counter Pakistan is by means of these “in your face” skirmishes.

“They pull a knife, we pull a gun. They send one of ours to the hospital, we send one of theirs to the morgue” — For far too long have we muzzled our Army. This government has correctly allowed the Army to call the shots at the border.

The army knows it’s capabilities and that of the enemy. Hopefully the BAT, ISI and Rawalpindi get the message not to needle India at the borders again.

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