Reversing the Economics of Encryption for Developers

By: Karthik Bhat, Founder and CEO, SecureDB. 7/22/2015.

Traditionally, implementing data at-rest encryption has been

(a) complex,

(b) expensive, and

(c) time consuming.

Unfortunately, startups don’t have the necessary engineering resources, time and money needed to encrypt and store data.

As a result, implementing encryption takes a back seat in a project, and data is left to be in clear text, significantly increasing the risk of data breach.

Its time to reverse these attributes. That’s why we started SecureDB. Here are the objectives behind SecureDB:

1. Reduce Complexity of Encryption

Today, if a developer wants to implement strong encryption to protect the data at rest, it requires plenty of careful planning, prolonged execution and lot of testing. Here are the steps in a nutshell:

Steps to be taken by developers to implement encryption today. Image Credit: SecureDB Inc (

This is simply too much!! Encryption should be a simple exercise. It should not take more than 10 minutes to setup.

2. Reduce Cost of Encryption

Encryption ecosystem should be made inexpensive. Else, we’ll leave out vast population of developers who would not be able to take advantage of a fundamental technology like encryption.

That’s why SecureDB has a freemium model and our base price starts at just $99/month. Now that’s thousands of times cheaper than other alternatives.

3. Reduce Time To Market

Time it takes to implement a product with and without encryption should be the same. In other words, enabling encryption should not increase the time it takes to bring a product to market.

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