Day 2 — Cybersecurity Course

Yaah this is the second day guys, I feel a little nervous about what I am doing today But I know about these things before by YT self study and i learned things related to the basics of



Network Interface Card(NIC),

HUB, Switch, router.

Diff b/w Hub and Switch.

Types of twisted pair cables like CAT 5 6 7 8......

Straight and cross over Cable.

Topology (Bus, Ring, mesh, star)

IP Address (IPV4, IPV6)

Classes of IPv4

  • <126 — Class A.
  • 127 — Loopback IP.
  • 128–191 — Class B.
  • 192–223 — Class C.
  • 224–239 — Class D. (Reserved IP).
  • 240–255 — Class E. (Only For Research).

VMware for sharing


Change ip address in Network Properties ex

Pinging By IP address or System Name.

Disable IPV6 in network properties.

Used CMD in day 2

  • ping (ip or System Name).
  • ping (ip) -t for loop.
  • getmac.
  • getmac /v
  • ipconfig.
  • ipconfig / all.

Win + R

  • Cmd.
  • service.msc.
  • mstc (for remote Desktop).
  • msra (for Access Remote Desktop).

Invitation saving for Remote.

Copying passwords for connecting.


Huh... Yaah lot of discussion and i am doing lab for Twisted pair cable with RJ45(Registered Jack)

And Folder sharing in connected networks.

I am confidentially sharing a folder with the network but I got a little nervous and made a mistake in twisted pair cable crimping for arranging the wire to insert in the jack with order on both sides. Okey well…. All mistakes for learning new things.

Day 3 continued........



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