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Small Business owners in India need a channel to connect with local customers that are important to them

The Problem

Millions of local shop owners, restaurants, and home service providers want to reach out to a larger number of people to grow their business.

These are small businesses operated either individually or by less than 10 people. A bunch of customers buy products/services from these businesses. So they need a better way to:

  1. Sell and manage product/service deliveries
  2. Target specific customer audience
  3. Show products/services availability

Though WhatsApp recently announced that it is coming up for business, it’s still a mystery that how it will be used for the small businesses?

So I decided to design this concept imagining how WhatsApp could be tailored for small businesses.

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Understanding the learn-ability of Table-Top interface for restaurants using Cognitive walkthrough method

Revolutionizing the restaurant table to enhance the customer experience


Food is the ingredient that binds us together and restaurants allow us to achieve the same by providing us a space to eat and socialize. Key aspects of any restaurant setting are:

  • Selecting and ordering food
  • Socializing with others
  • Making Payments
  • Reviews and recommendations

Simplifying this experience to revolutionize the customer experience is the primary objective of our system. The goal of our prototype is to evaluate this idea of using table-top interface for restaurant. …


Kartik Rao

Product Designer @Google | Formerly @Verily | Twitter @KarttikRao |

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